house rules

(Note: I really wanted a more subtle title for this post, but when I asked NS for an idea, he responded with, "Follow This or Die". Hmm. I hope this doesn't scare anyone away.)

Now that we are in a permanent residence for the first time in over 9 weeks (pictures to follow after box removal), I think it's appropriate to post the list of guidelines we've developed for our expected guests. It's probably no surprise that when we announced we were moving to Grand Cayman, people starting queuing up to visit. We're pretty excited about our guest list, which begins with four favorites this Thursday. However, we thought it best to manage everyone's expectations with this preemptive outline of "rules".

To give credit where credit is due, I stole this idea from my dad, who had a Gregg/Joshua Harris-developed "Rules for Young Friends" list back in the day. I think it worked for him, and history tends to repeat itself. So here there are: Cayman Resort Guest Guidelines

(click to enlarge)


  1. fabulous finished product! i like nate's suggestion for the blog title :)