CPE notes

[Warning: nerd alert. If all things accounting bore you, you should stop reading (this entire blog).]
This is the way I should start all my posts.

Anyhow, this week my colleagues and I attended a course entitled "Investment Vehicles", hosted by the Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants (CISPA). Dry stuff, let me tell you. We received some kind of agenda ahead of time, and reading through it was enough to make you snooze. However, I was enormously surprised. The course was taught by an American ex-Wall Street guy who took CFA exam-type concepts and made them entirely understandable. He covered many of the instruments we will be (or are) auditing over the next two plus years, providing us with an empowering foundation to "ask those tough questions" of our clients.

Of course, my favorite part was his no-nonsense "fuh-get about it" New York accent. That, and his technique of getting us to our seats by playing this video (who doesn't love a muppet?!)  Oh, and he wrote everything on the overhead in all caps. That always makes me think it's extra important.

I think I wrote 12 pages of notes. I haven't done that since I was a psychotic college freshman.


  1. Now .. I dont even remember what I said...probably - Jen - I can see you feverishly taking copious anounts of notes...and yet.... that beach backdrop...can't feel really sorry for you.

  2. That comment was SO worth the wait! :)
    Miss you, TDG!

  3. Great experience!

    The course has taught useful information especially in our line of work.

    Thanks for sharing!

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