Grand Cayman has a stigma about it regarding fraudulent transactions. When I told a former client that I was moving to Cayman, he paused, and then yelled, "How much money did you steal?!" His comment was the first of many like it. But you soon come to realize that not every offshore institution in the world is run like something out of The Firm.  However, I have uncovered a legitimate scam. The banks here will gladly take your checks and deposit them in your account, making the funds available four days after deposit. Four days! And heaven forbid you should have a foreign check; then you're looking at a 10-day turnaround. Seriously, I could walk the length of the island in a day, and I could certainly walk the cash from one bank to the other, so you can't tell me it administratively takes four days to clear my expense check. Just sayin'.


  1. well i personally love the stigma and geoff and i plan on opening an account while we're there so i can say i have money in the Cayman's. ;)