Tropical Storm Paula is in town (Honduras, to be exact), so the wind picked up this weekend in anticipation. RL, from NS' firm, is a big time kitesurfer (or "kiter"), and he mentioned he was heading up to Barkers Beach for the day to take advantage of the weather. We knew Barkers was in West Bay, but what we didn't know is that it's literally five minutes from our future apartment.  (It would be only two minutes, but the road between our apartment and Barkers is all gravel and VERY pot-holed, so we took it easy on our 12-year-old struts and shocks.)

Pulling up to Barkers Beach, located in Barkers National Park.

Barkers has a remote feel to it. Other than tourists who wish to kitesurf, I can't imagine anyone but locals/expats getting to enjoy its views. As we walked onto the beach, this is what greeted us:

We could have watched for hours. The kiters whipped by while I shamelessly snapped no less than 40 photos of them. 

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful sport. 


NS has every intention of becoming a kiter, and he almost has me talked into it as well.  (RL claims you don't have to be The Incredible Hulk to kite. His girlfriend is supposedly my size and can do no more than 20 push-ups and kites all the time. I think I can do 21 push-ups.)