Mike Edgington

NS here, guest posting for the first time. Life on the island has been pretty surreal up until this point. JSS and I often speak about how blessed we feel to be having this experience. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes something terrible to bring you back to reality and give you some perspective. I've never lost a friend my age. I am well aware that none of us are promised tomorrow, but even four years serving in the US military didn't bring forth any personal tragedies. This weekend, I've been given a firsthand reminder of the frailty of life and the quickness with which it can be taken.

JSS and I are deeply saddened by the tragic passing of our friend, Mike Edgington. Mike was one of the first friends we made in Grand Cayman, and he quickly became a favorite in every crowd. It's a testament to his warm nature that we were able to connect with him so deeply in such a short period of time. His laid-back personality combined with his smart British humor brought a special dynamic to our circle of friends. Mike never sought out attention, and yet he was the man to call for the latest goings-on. Always sporting a smile and always looking for the positive, Mike was infectious. Three months doesn't sound like a very long time to know someone, but the ache in our hearts doesn't feel any less painful. I wanted to jot down a few of my fond memories of Mike to convey a sense of who he was to me:

- His excitement every time (frequently) he had a full English breakfast delivered to work from Piccolo's
- Constant watching of USD to GBP exchange rates and stated desire to have the GBP tank so that his debts would be cheaper to pay.
- Insatiable desire to have the latest technology and toys; he was quickly nicknamed Inspector Gadget.
- His love of all things cycling; he's survived by seven lovely ladies (bicycles)
- His ability to transcend all groups; Mike seemed to be welcome in every clique, in every workplace, a testament to his humble, fun-loving nature.
- Scrambling around Cayman on the day of our Christmas party to find a very specific, very expensive "proper" bow tie (one that could be tied, or preferably, untied).
- That Yorkshire pudding is the most amazing thing I will ever taste (I still need to try it).
- His car, purchased for $1K, that was broken more often than working
- Inebriated midnight ocean swims that we all warned him were too dangerous
- A goofy smile that didn't quit

JSS and I were fortunate enough to spend the evening with Mike on his last night with us. Mike attended JSS' office Christmas party, sporting his beloved bowtie and his infectious smile. We spent the evening laughing and socializing until we left him to turn in for the evening. In typical Mike fashion, he simply moved on to the next party and group of friends. Mike was struck by a drunk driver while walking home and passed away from a head injury. Thankfully, Mike didn't suffer and the driver was apprehended.

Mike - we can't believe you're gone.

Mike, third in from the left = two thumbs up for a quick pre-dinner dip with the guys.

EL, NS, and Mike living life to the fullest.

Here are a few pictures from recent firm Christmas parties:

Last photo taken - 12/17/2010
Mike Edgington. 1984-2010. Loved and missed.
For full-sized versions of these photos, please visit our Picasa web album and feel free to download from there.


  1. Love you guys! My heart is saddened about the situation and I pray God gives everyone peace. In Jesus name...Amen.

  2. So sorry guys. What a horrible tragedy. We'll be praying for you and Mike's family!

  3. Hi there,

    I was searching the web for information about Mike's accident and I came across this blog post. Mike worked with my sister in the UK for some time before he moved to Grand Cayman, and I had the fortune of meeting him myself on a few occasions. I hope you don't mind if I pass the link onto his friends back home - it's such a touching tribute.

    Rest in peace Mike, gone too soon x

  4. Please feel free to share the link. We're sorry for those in the UK that are grieving as well.


  5. N and J: So sorry for you guys! I'll definitely be praying!


  6. I knew Mike for half his life and watched him turn from a boy into a man. The portrait here is exactly as I knew him, right down to the "goofy smile" (which the photographs capture so well).

    A tragedy in the truest sense of lost potential: Mike was intelligent and witty with a big soul, destined for great things. He left a strong impression on everyone who knew him and he will be missed by many people.

    Thank you for your eulogy. Can I make one request: that you upload a full resolution version of that last black and white photograph if you have it? It is the photograph I want to remember him by.

  7. I just edited the post to include a link to a Picasa web album where you can download recent photos. Please feel free to do so.
    - JSS

  8. Heart wrenching and deeply accurate.

    This evening goes to show how much he touched all of our lives in such a short time. A true testament to the man.


  9. I am really at loss of words to express my state of my mind on hearing about the unfortunate demise. God Bless the departed soul and may all have peace to support


  10. I'm really touched by this, thank you for sharing. It's good to know you guys have such a great group of friends. We're truly sorry that Mike is gone.

  11. Lived with Mike for a spell in Birmingham. A truly great lad, very sad to see him go.

  12. Thanks for this great Blog. It reminds us a lot of our lad and is really well presented and written.

  13. I've lived with Mike for 3 years and we've been good friends for the last 7 years. He's been a huge part of my life and wonderful friend. The last picture of him is fantasitic, just like I remember and the write up again is everything I remember him to be. I've spent many a time with him drinking and discussing random topics and the last picture takes me back to these times. He's never changed his outlook on life and I'm glad he made some great friends in the Cayman Islands too. Thanks for sharing these pictures and your memories. He led a wonderful life and will never be forgotten.

    Rich Barsby

  14. Is this the Michael Edgington from Tennessee?