deal of a lifetime.2

I didn't think I'd have a second chance to use this blog title, but today proved me wrong. Cost-U-Less is currently offering FREE Christmas trees with any purchase! (Okay, it was one penny.)

I popped over at lunch to check it out, but with my little vehicle, I was hesitant to pick one up hours before heading home. So I talked to tree guy, and he said he'd pick out and save me a pretty one. Brilliant!

NS went with me to pick up the freebie. Christmas Tree Guy didn't disappoint; he had a tall Nova Scotia Balsam tree selected for me. So without even unwrapping it (who cares? it's free!), we loaded it into the wagon and headed home.

Charlie Brown would be proud.

Okay, so it needs lights and I need to trim the top, but I love it, and the house smells like pine!

The tree stand was $6, the lights will be free (stuff I already own from home that will arrive tomorrow), and I already bought shells, etc. to spray paint and hang. Guess what me and NS' wonderful "little" sister will be doing together Christmas day?! And she arrives tomorrow - woot!


  1. Yess!! Thats one thing that I was gonna miss this year..a tree. but I guess not! See you soon! :)

  2. Yay! Oh, and I watched a Charlie Brown Christmas last night on Hulu and your palm tree does remind me of his tree! Lol! :)

  3. haha I know! I looooooove that Christmas special.