Thank God it's December!

I made it through 30 long days in Movember - a month dedicated to growing sponsor-supported mustaches to support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society (CICS).

As you can see from the adjoining flyer (click to enlarge), the month was full of mustache-related events. In addition to the flyer's events was the Tamarind Bay Boys' Tash-tastic Party, the $10/head proceeds of which were matched by the firm's partners and donated to CICS. They had an amazing turnout and raised about $1,000! Well done ME, EL, and AT!

NS proudly participated while I endured. Yesterday was Day #30, commemorated with a photo of participants at NS' accounting firm:

photo credit: LT
Now you can see why I promptly insisted on a clean shave on 11/30/10 at 9:30 pm!

The final tally is not yet in, as there is one more Movember event is yet to occur: DK (standing, third guy from the right) has volunteered to have his "Mo" threaded this Friday - a feat that is supposedly worse than waxing (is that possible??)  With viewing priced at just $5/head, this final fundraising push is sure to draw a crowd. Way to take one for the team, DK!

Later Friday night is the firm's Christmas party, so if you see DK rubbing a sore upper lip, know that it was for a good cause.


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