Jingle Bell Run 2010

Two Saturdays ago (six days after the marathon relay), NS and others from his accounting firm participated in the Jingle Bell Walk / Run event in support of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. I would have also run, but I had some big plans (read: my quarterly hair appointment), so I showed up to play photographer before scurrying off to the salon.

I haven't seen official results, so here was the cast of players, in order of appearance:

Of course Santa gets top billing
LA, running a quick little 5k
The course was looped (starting and ending at Tiki Beach), so here is NS at the half-way mark of his 10k:

BK, finishing his 5k and passing people through the race's end.
We'll see this as a recurring theme later.

R&M ran the 10k together (at first). Here's mid-way:

No clue who this guy is, but he and his stroller looked ambitious:

RL finishing the 10k
Thank goodness for the action setting on my camera, creating this race finish time line:

The above shots went like this:
  1. NS decides it would be ideal to pass Boy Blue
  2. Putting a shoulder into it usually works
  3. Boy Blue getting schooled
  4. The race is in the bag.  But wait....
  5. Oh dear. Elderly Gentleman (in gray) is spotted.
  6. E.G. is holding ground! Abort! Abort!
  7. E.G. and NS prepare for contact!
  8. Boy Blue racing ahead...
  9. Boy Blue "winning" while NS apologizes profusely to E.G. (behind Lady in Purple)
  10. E.G. walks away muttering, "Whipper snapper!"
We've concluded that coming in hard on a 10k is not so in vogue, but it surely made for a good story.

MO finishes her 10k in great time

The aftermath of sprinting the last 100 meters. But so worth it.

Congrats to all the runners/walkers who participated, and thank you to the CICC for your service to the community!


  1. oh my gosh - the series of nate finishing crack me up! what a strong competitor! thanks for capturing some of my brent finishing his first 5k too! I should steal that series for my blog since i was too busy sleeping in...

  2. ha ha. this is perfect! his mom will be so proud that manners trumped competitive spirit! i can't wait to show this to G. ;)

  3. whipper snapper??!! so funny

  4. The guy with the stroller is James O, from Willis. You may get a chance to work with him over the next few months.

    Paul A

  5. Jenn - you are hilarious. Love the description of Nate's run-in with E.G. :) What an enjoyable post!