tree lighting

 Okay. Now that I've beaten Thanksgiving to a pulp, it's time to start in on the Christmas season. I have never been so resistant to this holiday in my life! I usually love Christmas and the entire season it brings. Hearing the music, smelling the fir trees, watching the TV specials... and shopping. Glorious, crowded, sale-busting shopping. And the traditions! The things you do every year. NS is not a tradition-follower, but we have two that Christmas brings alive: 1) A big last-minute, sale-scooping shopping trip to the King of Prussia Mall and 2) A trip to New York City to experience the lights, catch a show, and experience snow in the city! (I kid you not - there was snow the past two years. Mag-i-cal!)

Here are ice skating pictures from Christmas 2009 and 2008. Wait, is that NS observing Movember?


But this year, I'm in Grand Cayman, far from family, malls, the city, and snow. I cannot reconcile 85-degree weather and "dashing through the snow".  And if I hear more than two measures of Bing Crosby's "White Christmas", I'm fighting back waves of nostalgia. But. I cannot stop Christmas from coming, so here we go. I'm ditching the Grinch face and adopting Cindy Loo Who.

So before Thanksgiving even arrived, Camana Bay hosted Santa's arrival complete with a Christmas tree lighting. As we entered, we saw signs of festiveness:

Camana Bay is lovely any time of year.
Local vendors lined the walkways, and NS checked out the Pepper Jelly stand.

The tree! Albeit unlit.
The crowds started pouring in - people of all ages coming out for the event. Apparently, this turnout was much bigger than last year's. See those big presents at the foot of the tree? That's the spot we snagged.

NS, in all his Movember glory, directly in front of the tree.
 Our reflections in the over-sized ornaments. See the palm trees? Will I get used to this??

Wearing red for the occasion.
 Before Santa could arrive, the Cayman National Choir and Orchestra led us in several Christmas carols.

Unfortunately, they looked better than they sounded. I'll blame the sound system and the outdoor arena.
 Several children's choirs also sang. This group is singing The Polar Express' "Believe":

NS and I got the giggles watching this one girl, who really did believe:

Another group sang "The 12 Days of Christmas":

"Five golden rings!"
It was during this number that NS leaned over to me, right around verse ten, and said, "How many days of Christmas are there?!"   I have some work to do on his music appreciation skills...

After lots of singing and quite a bit of stalling by the MC, Santa landed (on the other side of the tree, so no pictures), and he LIT THE TREE!

I'm loving the Hanukkah-inspired colors. It looks like my mom's house during the holidays!

This is about as close as Cayman gets to a snowman:

Christmas will be different this year, but I'm glad that Grand Cayman is properly festive and jolly. I'm sure it will rub off on me soon!


  1. you got some great pictures of the tree! so much better than mine!

  2. False! Yours have YOU in them! :)

  3. Love this post, Jenn - so fun and festive, even though it WAS in 85 degree weather :) It's gonna be a good Christmas for you guys!!

  4. Such a classic NS thing to say. I can totally hear him saying that. hahaha

  5. Thanks for posting these pics. I'm in Caymans on vacation and have been curious what the Camana Bay tree looks like as I design the White House Tree in DC for GE and heard there was 30 ft decorated tree at Camana Bay.Beautiful!