1920s Christmas party

First off, I want to point out that the party was called a "Christmas" party. None of this "holiday" business. That was retro (and awesome) in and of itself. I've seen lots of the word "Christmas" around the island lately. I think it reflects the island's religious Christian heritage. Such a far cry from the PC-crazy Northeast U.S.

In keeping with all things old, NS' accounting firm recently hosted their 1920s-themed annual Christmas party at the Westin's Governors Ballroom. Fortunately, the firm's social committee, who planned the event, sent out messages to the new staff ahead of time so we could bring costumes/accessories/props with us to the island. I found a pretty basic flapper dress on zoogstercostumes.com, complete with feather, headband, and pearls for under $50. In retrospect, I (like KK) probably could have gotten away with jazzing up something from my closet, especially considering the UKers (which far outnumber those of us from the U.S.) think Americans are absurd for spending what we do on costumes for Halloween and such. Life lessons.

But, the point is I planned ahead and brought something appropriate. NS, on the other hand, phoned me circa 1:30 pm on the day of the party. The conversation went something like this:

NS: Do you remember what color suits I brought with me?
JSS: Umm, gray pinstripe and brown?
NS: Okay, so which one should I wear tonight, and what color suspenders should I get?
JSS: Suspenders?! Um, the gray pinstripe suit with a white shirt. Any color suspenders, I guess.
NS: Do you think I could do purple suspenders on a light purple shirt?
JSS: (pause) Yes. Yes that sounds just great.
NS: And what color bow tie should I get? I'm holding a few in my hand, so just tell me what comes to your head first.
JSS: White.
NS: Yes! I was right! EL wanted me to get red.

Despite little no advanced planning, NS looked the part as well. He's a good date.

This facial hair-obsessed firm brought special 'stashes for the occasion.
A tiny pre-dinner duel
ER and the rest of the committee decorated the ballroom beautifully, and each table had both festive elements and extra flapper accessories, which KK added to her ensemble.

Pre-dinner entertainment with the best (false mustache not needed)
Then dinner was served:

While eating, we played with the Christmas crackers on the table (first time for NS and me?!)


Looks like luck was with the ladies this year!

BK also got some extra mileage on his mustard mustache:

After dinner (mine was turkey roulade with wilted spinach and cranberries ), the night's entertainment consisted of random (required) new hire gimmicks. It kept the crowd laughing and my camera flashing. My favorite was the Charleston contest - trying to get a bunch of 20-somethings to pull off a 90-year-old dance was basically impossible, but what they lacked in technique they made up for in mirth. The winner? The guy who did The Worm. Of course.

Doing some warm-up moves before breaking out the Worm

Also, they awarded those who came best-dressed. I love this guy's outfit!

Lots of friends were around to be seen, so I circuited the room and snapped some photos of these lovely faces:

I think it's obvious that we had a really fun time - thank you to the social committee, the partners, and the new hires for making the night memorable!


  1. Sounds and looks like a great night!!!!

  2. you look divine! thanks for not disappointing! now i want to have a 20's party! great pics also!

  3. fun post! you got a lot of great shots!

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