Christmas Cantata

During our brief season of searching for a church in Grand Cayman, we visited First Baptist Church one Sunday. I was so impressed with their choir that when I heard they were hosting a Christmas Cantata last weekend, I quickly added it to my calendar. I must have talked it up quite a bit, because before I knew it, I was joined by NS, B&K, and J&S. I talked everyone into squeezing into our station wagon to carpool all the way over to the church (near Hurley's). The more the merrier, especially in regards to all things Christmas!

The church was decorated quite beautifully.

The choir did not disappoint - a rich blend of voices filling the sanctuary with songs of Christmas praise. We were amazed that they kept it up for two straight hours!

Pastor Thabiti said a few words, reminding us of the original Christmas story and its meaning to us both then and now.

On the way home, we (the girls) intended to "see the lights" - driving around George Town, looking at the Christmas lights that are EVERYWHERE this time of year. The roundabouts especially go all out, putting huge tree-like structures in the center - scenes that are worth staying in the circle for an extra turn just to get a good view. Unfortunately, our driver (NS) was moving just a bit too efficiently for the likes of my camera, so here are some shots (taken another night) of a Griswold-style house in South Sound. I don't want to see their electric bill, but I do enjoy the festiveness:

Pictures of our almost-finished attempt at a Christmas tree to come soon. Let's just say our electric bill won't be hurting...


For more info on gorgeous light displays in Grand Cayman, see this article. (The above pictures were taken at the Bodden House in South Sound).


  1. whoa that house in south sound is amazing! i haven't seen it in person, but the pictures are wonderful!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful evening and love the light displays!