I think I'm having a case of the Mondays. The last thing I remember about my dreams last night was a scene in which I way overslept my alarm, missed my 6 a.m. Monday running group, and almost made myself late for work.  Right after that dream, I woke up, looked at my clock (which said 5:10 a.m.), and instantly realized I never had turned it on. Crazy sub-conscious.  It was a scene straight out of Inception. I had no choice but to follow-through and meet the group.

Up until this small snag, I had been following the schedule set by the instructor over the past three weeks. (Planning is always the key to my success.) Today was the start of week 5, and I showed up nice and early (in spite of my dream) at the meeting location this morning.  However, I never got to hit the streets. Because of a miscommunication relating to a last-minute pit stop before I headed out the door, I literally got bolted inside the building while the rest of the group took off running. I couldn't find an emergency exit, so I was stuck indoors as I watched the instructor sprint around the distant corner. Blast! I decided to ignore the fact that I was in a serious fire hazard and instead hop on the lone treadmill in the building. Thank goodness we meet at a physiotherapy clinic where they actually have these machines. You can imagine the horror on the instructor's face when she returned to see me sweating it out solo-style!

I think I got an adequate workout. Instead of running for the full 42 prescribed minutes, I ran 37 minutes at a faster pace. I'm hoping I can safely count this as one of my three required weekly runs.

Anyway, the instructor felt so badly about this whole thing (not that it was her fault) that she offered me a free session at the clinic, should I need it. If they offer chiro services, I might take advantage of her offer sooner than she thinks.


  1. that's so funny that you were locked in! good for you for making the best of the situation and running anyway!