party planning

Apparently gender-reveal parties are not common outside the U.S., because I've had to explain them to my foreign friends - even Canadians! (The reason this topic came up was due to my failed attempt to remotely attend one a couple weeks ago. The technology didn't really pan out, probably because I was on "Team Girl".)  Anyway, after describing this U.S. craze to one of my coworkers, she decided that it should be my responsibility to get pregnant while on island to necessitate a gender reveal party. I told her there were many other reasons I could think of to have a party, especially if we're talking U.S.-only events!  For example: Thanksgiving! (Technically, Canadians celebrate this too, but it sounds kinda low-key. And it's not in November. It can't possibly be the same.) So here's to introducing the expats to a proper American Thanksgiving. I better start practicing Grandma's stuffing recipe ASAP...


  1. my sister had a gender reveal party!
    note my blonde locks :)