island natives

I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why Grand Cayman was originally called "Las Tortugas", but I haven't seen one turtle yet. (Which is disappointing, actually, since my whole plan was to buy a pet turtle and call him/her "Duck". But anyway.)  They should have nicknamed the islands, "Las Iguanas", because there are plenty of them around.  I went on an iguana hunt today (photographs only), and I wasn't disappointed.

This morning, I started out by the pool. Looking up at the palm trees, I saw this sight.

But if you look a little closer:

Sunbathing (tree house style). I can relate.

On the way back from the pool, I saw these friends:

Sorry, this is going to start to get old, but I think they're cute.

Oh, and this guy posted on the restaurant roof is hysterical. He's the Geico gecko's cousin. (I hope that's not stereotyping.)

So then we ventured out of our immediate neighborhood (to about three blocks over along the canals) to find the big dogs.

Look at the leather!!

When you scare them off the side of the canals (pretty easy to do), they jump into the water and use their tails to swim away.

So regal...

Well, until I find a turtle to adopt, I'll have to keep entertaining myself with these local dinosaurs.


  1. I love the lizard pictures! They really don't get old to me, although I might would get a little scared...

  2. I think you like them because they look so old. :)