found, in box #13....

...Ralph! My trusty Roomba.

Hi buddy! (view from the stairs)
He made it all the way from New Jersey to Grand Cayman just to sweep up my daily sand deposits in the house. I love this little guy - he keeps me sane during busy season (and all year round) when I can walk into my house at the end of a workday and, at the very least, be greeted by clean floors. He is scheduled to sweep the kitchen and dining room area every weekday at 12 noon. He'd do more, but there are stairs involved, and he's a single-level kind of guy. I had visions of him crashing to his death down the stairwell, but his sensors seem to be unharmed and he's been on his best behavior.

Also found: MegaScreen. Dwight Schrute, you and your MegaDesk have nothing on what's in my cube.

Now you all can speculate on whether I'm doing twice as much work as before or just streaming cricket matches (as per multiple coworker requests) on my mini-IMAX.


  1. So glad you're setting in! Can't wait to see it all in person!

  2. 1. love the office reference. 2. that screen looks as big as jb's and i'm a little jealous.