Pirates Week 2010: Fireworks

Friday kicked off Pirates Week 2010, where the island embraces the pirate culture for a week, and everyone wears eye patches and carries swords.

I don't know these pirates, but their costumes are legit.

NS (Americanized pirate) with other CPA pirates.
We went downtown after work on Friday to kick the week off with a 5k, which I ran with several of our coworkers. I'm not sure of my official time (as it was a casually-run event), but the girl who was 5 people in front of me (overall) took 3rd in my age group. So I think I was sufficiently fast. It's good practice for the 10k I have in a couple weeks. They handed out lots of door prizes after the race - mainly Tortuga Rum cakes and a few local dinners. The event had a jolly feel to it throughout.

After the race, it was time for the main attraction: Fireworks!

I was overdue for some good fireworks. We missed the fireworks display in our PA hometown this year since we were camping with friends. I was kind of expecting to be impressed by anything they shot up in the air, but everyone I talked to agreed that they were legitimately great fireworks.

The sparkley gold ones are my favorite.

I think all these kids piled on an old anchor are cute.
Sword fight

Pirates fight while girls dance

A wee wench!
In addition to celebrating pirate culture, the island also has several heritage days - one in each "neighborhood" - to highlight the unique history of the area. While I don't think we'll get the chance to visit the various neighborhoods on their heritage days, we sampled the island's local flavors after the fireworks.

These mini donuts may or may not be indigenous to Cayman, but they were AWESOME and inspired some homemade donut-making activities the next day.  (See KK's blog for future coverage on that topic!)


NS sampled curry goat (for the first and last time)

My curry chicken selection was a safe bet

Good food, good friends, good fun.

Stay tuned for more Pirates Week festivities, like Saturday's parade!


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  2. no offense, but you guys ate some funky looking local food! you got some really great firework pictures. i need to get mine uploaded! love nate with the pirates!

  3. funky is correct! this is not Parisian cuisine, by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. Hmm never realized there were so many kids in Grand Cayman. Anyway, Pirates Week looks like fun, is it the same time every year?

  5. Yes, there are many families on the island, and there are several schools to accommodate them.
    Apparently, P.W. used to be held in October, but it was too rainy, so they moved it to November a couple years ago. I would expect them to keep it this time of year for that reason.