running.4: an appeal

Despite the evidence of recent posts, I promise NOT to turn this Cayman blog into a running blog. Trust me; I have about eight or so topics I'm dying to write about once I simultaneously find some spare time and a consistent internet connection. (We're having some major internet woes at our condo, and I've resorted to going into the office early just to answer personal emails. Right now I'm sitting on one of the balconies using a very weak connection. NS, in all his former-IT glory, is working around the clock to resolve this issue.) Anyway, as regular readers know, I've been training for the Cayman Islands Marathon relay. [This is where four people run a full marathon as a relay, which ends up being a 10k (6.5 miles) per person.] When I joined a running group weeks ago, I figured it would be easy to find three other teammates, either in the group, at work, or with the race administrator. So far I've pretty much struck out. I have one person interested in being on a team, but unless I find two more people, I'll be looking at running the half marathon (just kidding - not a chance) or missing out on the run all together. So if you're reading and you live in Grand Cayman or would like to visit on December 5th and run on a team with me, send me your contact info STAT! If you run, you'll get to be photographed with me (for blogging purposes), and you'll receive a medal that looks something like this:

Tempting, I know! If you don't run, this is what I'll look like:

Lonely runner

Come on! You know you want to!

Oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure: The race starts at 5 a.m.


A team has formed! Thanks a million to WK, CA, and ZA for stepping up to the plate! Soon this team of four Americans will be crossing that finish line. Go Team Stars & Stripes!


  1. Hey- I was going to send you an e-mail but I realized I only had NS'. I would happily run it with you. I know Zach might too but I can't speak for him yet because a) its at 5am and b) he has finals the next week. I'll ask him if you need another person too. He's fast!! You can e-mail me if you want: [and I can give you my running resume! :) ]