house guests.1

Notice that I started this blog with a ".1", as this is the first of several such posts! I think friends come out of the woodwork when you announce you are moving to a place such as Grand Cayman. But that's okay; we like our false sense of popularity.

Our first guests were two couples: M&G and M&R. M&M are sisters. I'll try not to make this confusing.

Favorites, all

The six of us have all been friends for years, stretching back to our glory-filled PA days. Of course, we were thrilled that they wanted to visit us, and even more thrilled when M&G planned their visit around their fourth pregnancy (such a brave mama!)

Nice work, G
G took the responsibility of driving the four visitors around the island for their long weekend. NS had G behind the wheel on Day 1, which was great, because on Day 2 (while we worked), the group ambitiously drove all the way to Rum Point and back without a scratch!

During this visit, we frequented a few island restaurants, all of which I loved. (Actually, I haven't had a bad meal on this island yet. You get what you pay for here. In a good way.)  Friday night we all went to Calypso Grill in West Bay, which is known for its fresh menu, waterfront dining, and its Sticky Toffee Pudding.

photo credit: MH


Here we introduced them to our good friends B&K, and the eight of us were virtually inseparable throughout the rest of the visit.

photo credit: MH

The whole group
photo credit: MH

A proper shot of S.T.P. - being enjoyed
 I should have written down exactly what we ordered, but basically, when eating dinner out in Grand Cayman, I always order fresh fish (especially if the waiter mentions its been caught that very day) in any preparation that sounds appetizing, and I'm not disappointed. I do remember that NS' meal involved an amazing sweet rum sauce. Everyone agreed that Calypso was a winner.

The next morning, the eight of us reconvened for breakfast at our place, where we let G do the cooking honors. (I am very liberal with the use of my kitchen. If you offer to make me food without me having to leave my house, I hand you the reigns and call you "friend". Any offers?)

photo credit: MD

French toast, made by an American, in Grand Cayman

MD, not to be outdone by her hubby, made us delicious banana smoothies, complete with coconut cookie garnishes.

photo credit: MD

I'll take a break from the food activities to briefly mention sleeping arrangements. As you know, we have a two-bedroom condo. Obviously, one bedroom is ours (I'm not that generous), leaving one queen-sized bed up for grabs. Fortunately, we have a pull-out sofa (MH & I are seated on it above), but the mattress on it is barely adequate. To accommodate our flexible guests, we added the air mattress on top of the pull-out sofa for one of the couples. Hey, it may not be the Ritz, but it was fun to hear MD's "Good morning, Sunshine!" every day when I walked down stairs. 

On Sunday, M&R decided to be adventurous and suggested horseback riding on the beach. I was game, and we drove the short distance down the road to a local corral that offers guided tours of Barkers and the beach. We only had about 30 minutes, so we opted for the beach. I so so wish I had pictures of this! Apparently R has never ridden a horse? And MH and I were quite rusty, so the whole adventure was spent clutching the saddle horn while keeping the horses unspooked when passing the kitesurfers. My horse did a little dance as we approached a few big, bright kites flapping in the breeze, but no harm done. Needless to say, when the guide offered to race me back to the corral (what the heck? is that a line from some cheesy movie??), I gracefully declined. Still, horseback riding on the beach = check.

On the last evening of the visit, the six of us ate dinner at Agua on SMB. NS and I had been there before and had sampled their Peruvian ceviche selections. K&B had also visited and raved about the dinner menu, so we could make a confident recommendation.

MD with her goat cheese appetizer. Oops, is that on the pregnancy taboo list??

Brandy Lobster Crepes didn't disappoint

Wasabi tuna - an award-winning combo

I have the greatest friends
photo credit: MD

They're as wonderful as they look

Not that I'm any substitute, but here I am filling in for sister #3 (yes, another M!)  MK, feel free to Photoshop your face into this pic and I'll re-post!

Fun fact: M&R celebrated their 13th (did I get it right?) anniversary this November. Congratulations!

I have to mention that I thought that hosting guests from home would prevent me from feeling homesick, but as the six of us were sitting around talking about nostalgic things like the church family we left behind and the wonderful pastors and friends that are irreplaceable to us, I had to fight back the urge to get a bit misty. If I could just hug all their necks one more time! We love and miss you all.


  1. Jenn, that was beautiful! I love to read your posts. Keep 'em coming!

    Oh and thanks for the mention ;) Love ya!

  2. awww. it's too soon, jenn! i want to be back! beautifully written. surely, you missed some of our giggle fits. i'll have to try to recount them when i get to my blog post on this magnificent long weekend. ;) xoxo

  3. Mel, feel free to plan a trip to the island!

    Meg, remember rule #3 when recounting stories! haha :)

  4. good post! what took you so long??? haha, jk...