who would have guessed...

...it would take moving to a tropical paradise to get me to yard sale. But that is exactly what NS and I were up doing at 7 a.m. this morning. For $10, I now own a flat griddle (for pancakes), an extra set of forks, and an ice bucket. Thanks, SMU students, for cleaning house! Those forks and that ice bucket will surely come in handy for our Thanksgiving-With-the-Foreigners party tomorrow night.

That was just the start my hectic Saturday in Grand Cayman. Other highlights included a surprise baby shower, a bioluminescence tour, and a boat purchase. Man, I have a lot to blog about. But right now, I need to get some rest so that the 21-pound turkey hanging out in my fridge doesn't get the better of me tomorrow. Wish me (and my guests) luck!


  1. yeah for flat griddle! on our next trip, we have something decent to do up some geoffy boy french toast! ;)