Dolphin Cove: Where I pretend I'm the Little Mermaid. Again.

I think I speak for many girls who grew up in the 1990s when I say that The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite princesses. Her best friend is a crab, she has amazing red hair, and she gets to swim under the sea all day. At some point in the film, I think she gets to swim with dolphins (or maybe King Triton's chariot is pulled by dolphins). Anyway, ever since I was little, swimming with dolphins has been on my list of must-do's. When NS was offered fundraiser tickets for a mere $25 for a dolphin swim at Dolphin Cove in West Bay (a $120 value), I didn't have to think twice before accepting!

Last Saturday was a gorgeous day in Grand Cayman, which worked out perfectly for our busy day of moving, volleyball tournament, and dolphin swimming (additional posts to follow).  I was at Dolphin Cove by 10 a.m. after taking three car-loads of crap household goods to our new condo. Dolphin Cove is located in Morgan's Harbour, and it's pretty well-marked with signs at every turn, but when a website claims, "You can't miss us," I probably will. I'm glad I did, though, because a few hundred yards past the entrance I found Calypso Grill, which I've since sampled and LOVED. I probably should devote a post on that experience; back to the dolphins.

The dolphins did not disappoint. Just seeing them swim around and do flips and make that fun clicking noise makes me grin! I think it's because they always look like they're smiling as well.

Before getting in the water, I noted that (supportive of the popular rumor), there was a no pregnancy sign for the dolphin swim area.

Ok so the real sign wasn't of a smoker, but I think it's funny.
At the time of this writing, I have a (brave) pregnant guest in my house, and an internet search told us that dolphins can sense pregnancy using their Sonar abilities. They get as excited about human pregnancy as a room full of women at a baby shower, and there's no telling what an excited dolphin will do.  Sorry MOD; no dolphins for you on this visit!

There are a couple different dolphin swims, one of which is more Little Mermaid-esque than the other. (You get to hold onto two dolphins' fins while they drag you through the water, and then they lift you out of the water by your feet.) This was not the swim I got to do, but I definitely pet, kissed, and swam with two dolphins. What fun! I was absolutely gleeful. The pictures speak for themselves:

I wave like the poor dolphin cares.

More waving...


(thinking: "I AM the Little Mermaid!")

Right on the lips

I only have eyes for the dolphin



  1. JENN!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Yay for swimming with dolphins! You look SO beautiful and happy! Aww, it looks like so much fun! On your picture that you said "I AM the little mermaid" I was thinking you should've put "I felt like singing that song, "part of your world" when Ariel belts it out from the rock - it's like my favorite part of the movie - lol!

  2. You look beautiful and like you were just having the time of your life. So jealous !

  3. Alli! How many times did we reenact that song!

    Thanks Sarah! It was super fun :)

  4. awesome post! worth the wait! that looks like such a great time. hopefully they run another deal soon so i can be little mermaid too!

  5. LOVE this! definitely on my to-do list.