a second mate's log book

Remember that crazy sailing adventure that N was on a few weeks back? Well I'm happy to report that he made it to his destination all in one piece. We had very little opportunity for communication during his 3-day passage, but I wanted to get the inside scoop on his journey. So I present to you...

My Interview with A Sailor 
(accompanied by the Captain's photos)

J: If you were listing your new Second Mate skills on your resume, how would you describe them?
N: 100% Dependable.  Zero accidents/fatalities during my watch over the course of my boating career. 

J: After spending over three days with two people from Michigan, what is your opinion of that great state?
N: Michigan people are known to be a little OCD and they make a very bright orange spaghetti. 

J: Did you ever consider starting a mutiny against your captain?
N: No. I'm pretty sure Jessica could take me.

J: What was the best meal you ate while on the high seas?
N: Refer to the bright orange spaghetti above.

J: If there was one additional thing you could have taken on your trip, what would it be?
N: An engine.

J: Be honest: Did you fall asleep while keeping night watch?
N: My resume says I'm 100% dependable and we all know you can't lie on a resume.

J: Finish this sentence: Most of my time on the high seas was spent ______.
N: Marveling at the vastness of the ocean, being inspired to write music, and working on my poetry...and trying not to be seasick.

J: How did you cope with being disconnected from social media for three full days?
N: I got my fix by texting you once per day on the satellite phone. It may or may not have been the most eventful part of my day.

J: Summarize your first sailing experience in five words or less.
N: #GoodCompany #HappyToDoOnce #UnlikelyToSignUpForAnother3DayCrossing #GoodAdventure

J: Most importantly: Did you encounter any dolphins? And did they send me any messages?
N: If I wasn't sleeping I was looking for dolphins, but although we had lots of flying fish impale themselves on our boat, the dolphins were not located. I think they must be waiting to give you a message directly. 

Well there you have it! The honest report from your trusty crew member! A huge thank you to M&J for allowing N to be part of this passage - an experience that he'll never forget. We wish you the best on your extended experiences on the high seas, and we honestly hope that our paths cross again in the future! If you ever need a break from the sea, you have a place to stay in Cayman.

More of N's notes from Central America are forthcoming.  This adventurer of mine just can't stop.


  1. Hahaha! Too funny! Loved the interview! =)

    1. Tongue-in-cheek is the way to go on these things. :)

  2. We loved having N along, I'm just sorry it was so boring for him. And usually for us, but this time we had the excitement of a new crew member. Bright orange spaghetti? I thought for sure he would have picked the homemade pizza we had the first night. Guess I'll just have to keep working on my galley skills....

    I really hope we get to make it back to Cayman too, and you better believe we'll be crashing on your couch in order to take a break from the boat! :)

    1. It was great to meet you guys, and we hope the rest of your journey is enjoyable!