10 Days of 10 Years: 2008

Our anniversary journey continues, this time into the Caribbean during...

- 2008 -

This was the year that we discovered Grand Cayman on a fabulous Royal Caribbean cruise with my sister. If you're a longtime reader, you'll know that we fell fast and hard for the island, and started to put the wheels in motion to move to the Cayman Islands after returning from vacation. 

This was the scariest scooter ride of my life. I haven't been on one since.

We enjoyed our cruise so much, that when Norwegian Cruise Line ran an insane special on a New England cruise later that year, we scurried up to NYC and jumped on for another week on the high seas.

But don't think that we're only able to enjoy ourselves in the sun. No way. We also enjoyed playing in the white stuff during our Christmas visit in Pennsylvania.

Short on sleds? Double up!!

Well, at least I enjoyed playing in the white stuff. Good thing N likes having me along for the ride, even when it means ruining it a little bit for him. That's love, man!


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