10 Days of 10 Years: 2006

Welcome to Day 4 of the anniversary cruise! Presenting you with...

- 2006 -

This was the year that we both graduated from college, spent all summer studying, passed all four parts of the CPA exam on the first attempt, and started our auditing careers. As you can see from the below, it was an aggressive year.

I've often been asked what it's like having two accountants in the marriage relationship.  I never know how to answer - N and I are as different as night and day, so I don't think I married a carbon copy of myself. I will say that it's been nice to have a husband who understands the challenges of my career, from the education, to the exam, to the hours, to the clients, to the pressures, to the achievements - through all the ups and downs. We try not to sit around and discuss auditing theory (too often), but without me having to do a lot of explaining, he gets what I do and what I go through every day. And that's been a major comfort over the past seven busy seasons.

Well hello, Cruella Deville nails!?!

Having a guy that understands my ups and downs has been a find and a half. I would call myself lucky, but that just wouldn't do it justice.