10 Days of 10 Years: 2010

The adventures over the past decade continued and even escalated in today's highlighted year.

- 2010 -

This was the year that we took our first really big vacation as a couple: A Mediterranean cruise. We started our vacation with a couple nights in Rome, which remains, to this day, one of the few places on earth that feels magical to me.

I have no idea why we look so awake.
This pizza dinner came right after a trans-Atlantic red-eye flight, a full day of touring Rome's attractions, and getting lost while walking the city in the evening. I must have been on my fifth wind.

From the Spanish Steps to the small cafes to the Trevi Fountain to the artwork in the Vatican... a few days in Rome left me wanting a whole lot more.

But as you may know, 2010 was also the year that we moved to Grand Cayman - quite the life-altering decision, indeed.

    photo credit: KK

It took about a month on the island for us to realize that our initial 2-year work contracts were going to be way too short.  We are now closing in on three years in Cayman, and have no immediate plans to leave. How do you top surroundings like this??

But more than that, how do you top a guy like this?? We don't know where we'll be living ten years from now, but as long as he's sharing a house with me, it'll be paradise.


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