10 Days for 10 Years: 2005

We did some more digging through the physical photographs of our lives to bring you today's installment of the 10-year tour...

- 2005 -

A White Christmas! Also very bright white eyes. I don't understand the film of yesteryear.

Most of the time, both of us would say that Cayman's sunny Caribbean environment is our happy place. But we're both originally from Pennsylvania, where four seasons are a reality. Winter can be bitter cold but also pretty enjoyable when you have the right equipment. And the right snow buddies.

As teenagers, we spent a fair number of our winter weekends conquering the slopes of Ski Sawmill. Affectionately nicknamed "Ski Smallhill" by the locals, we all bonded over short lift rides up the mountain and even shorter rides down. The photo above was taken on a rare chance we had to revisit our old haunt during Christmas break in 2005. 

If there is anyone that can get me to do extreme sports and adventures, it's N. I'm sure this will come as a shock to you all, but kitesurfing, diving, and the Tough Mudder were all his brainchildren. My personality is anything but extreme, but if enduring a bit of a scare on the slopes or in the water means more time with my guy, sign me up. As much as I like my comforts (a lot), I cherish sharing memories and experiences with my best friend even more.

(Especially at a spa. But whatever.)

[A big thank you to ADP for today's first photo and AES for today's second photo. In the process of writing this post, I got to witness ADP's extremely effective organization system, as she had a 2005 photo of the two of us in hand within 60 seconds of my request.  Hero status? Yes indeed.]


  1. So I sat down with my cup of tea and started reading this blog entry... I happened to take a sip just as I read "(Especially at a spa. But whatever.)" and literally got hot tea coming out my nose!!! thanks for that xxx

    1. haha! Hope you still enjoyed your blog reading session!