10 Days for 10 Years: 2011

Moving onward in the 10-year anniversary review! We're gradually catching up to the present, now looking at a few representative photos from...

- 2011 -

This was the year that we traveled to the States for the first time after making the big move to Grand Cayman. Aside from curing a touch of island fever, we had an important reason to be traveling to Pennsylvania: My "little" brother got married in July, and we were so happy to be part of the family celebration.

Taking a break in the park between the ceremony and reception.

Later that year, we took a few weeks off and went on a fast tour of several European countries.

Bath, England

To keep our travels somewhat affordable, we didn't spent a single night in a hotel.

London, England

During the trip, we learned:

1. Bike tours are the best way to quickly see a city's highlights.
2. Couchsurfing allows you to make a lot of interesting friends, although comfortable sleeping conditions may or may not be included.
3. Paris at night is pure magic.
4. Napping in a public park happens to the best of us.

Prague, Czech Republic

...and, perhaps most importantly, we learned...

5. Over a 3-week vacation, we had no trouble spending almost every waking (and sleeping) moment together.

After eight years of marriage, it was good to conclude that trip with the conclusion that the two of us were still very happy to be companions. I know it sounds simple, but it's a relief to know that after all this time, we still enjoy each other's friendship.

Paris, France

I don't require a lot of friends, but I do need a few good ones in my life. N still qualifies as the best one.


  1. Getting caught up on these! I don't know how I missed the last few, but I love reading about your adventures! 10 years is a big deal!