Upcoming: Pirates Week 2011

It's interesting that now that we've been here a year, we're starting to experience annual Cayman events for the second time. You'll probably start to see me referencing to last year's posts in upcoming coverage about Thanksgiving, the Cayman Islands Marathon, and Christmas.

Image from www.islands.com

November in Cayman means Pirates Week - an annual week of festivities that locals and tourists look forward to all year. Last year, the fireworks that kicked off the week of events in Grand Cayman were our first introduction to Cayman fireworks, and we were quite impressed! Cayman looks for just about any excuse for setting off fireworks, and I'd say a pirate landing is a pretty good one.

For a full schedule of this year's events, check out the detailed listing on the Pirates Week website here. I've already highlighted the following:

  • Steel Pan Competition on Thursday
  • Pirates Week 5k Run on Friday
  • Fireworks on Friday
  • Food Festival on Friday (especially those little donuts from Stingray Kisses!)
  • Float Parade on Saturday
  • Underwater Treasure Hunt at Dive Tech on Sunday

Hmm, now that I've listed all those activities out, I'm starting to feel over-ambitious. Good thing this is an annual event - it might take me a few years to hit everything!

So, bring on the week of pirates! Here's to their fun-filled occupation of Grand Cayman! Who's with me?!


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