11.11.11 Party

I have to thank BK for initiating and co-executing an 11.11.11 party. I'm not so big on themed parties, but there's something about "once-in-a-lifetime" that motivates me to celebrate. That's why shortly after the Pirates Week fireworks, we hustled over to J&S' place to recognize the significance of November 11, 2011.

SD made a cute 11.11.11 bunting, all components of which were swinging wildly in the breeze. Even after closing the door, this is the best shot I could get of the group. (I wasn't very patient.)

That's not all the decorating SD had done. By this not-quite-mid-November date, the apartment was fully decked out for Christmas! I think it's somewhat common for expats in Cayman to decorate early, especially those that are leaving the island for the holidays. Early decorating means getting the chance to enjoy the holiday cheer before flying away. (That being said, I haven't lifted a pinky finger to decorate in our place. I'm just waiting to soak up the Christmas vibe in PA for two weeks solid. Ahhh...)

Isn't this little rosemary tree (with the Christmas tree behind)
so pretty and seasonally-appropriate? It smelled just like Thanksgiving.

Anyway. Back to 11.11.11.

In keeping with the theme, all the food we ate had to be straight. I brought pretzel rods, beef jerky, and licorice sticks.

KK made cute little 11.11.11 food labels. I loved them so much, that I took a photo with the tree as a backdrop. Look at this abstract, colorful result!

I feel the like background is from a Christmas cartoon.
And if it's a Christmas cartoon, it's gotta be A Charlie Brown Christmas.

SD made wrapped mozzarella sticks, which were gooey deliciousness straight out of the oven.

BK really outdid himself and designed an entire trivia game consisting of questions (or answers) that involved the numbers one or eleven. (For example: Name the films that won 11 Oscars.) You might guess that he came up with eleven questions in total, but you would be wrong. He had a list of fifty-six. 56! (SD noticed that 5+6=11. Ahhh it all makes so much sense now!)

Trivia master at work.
The game was very close at times, but in the end, the winning team (*cough* my team *cough*) won by one point. Quite appropriate.

At (or around) 11:11 p.m., I took a photo of the time on my watch. Yes, I realize that the time, per my photo below, is just about 11:12. My watch is fast. NS told me just to set it back and take the photo, but I don't pull that kind of nonsense. So here is a photo of (just about) 11:11 pm on 11.11.11:

By the way: Big props to NS for recently surprising me with the above. He's a killer.
Well. That concludes our observance of this all-important date. Thank you again to BK for organizing and SD for hosting. Shall we reconvene on 12.12.12?