Pirates Week 2011: Fireworks Display

When I last posted about this year's Pirates Week activities, I expected to get involved in quite a few of the events. In the end, we only made an effort on Friday night: I ran the 5k, and we saw the fireworks. But I'm pretty happy with our choices, since I placed in the 5k, and the fireworks display may have been the best one I've ever seen. Ever.

I had to scoot to clean up and change after the 5k, so B&K (and visiting J) saved us a spot right down front along Harbour Drive in George Town. I'm always amazed at how close Grand Cayman fireworks are to the spectators. It definitely adds to the excitement, since you're constantly hoping not to encounter a rouge firework.

Our group, oohing and awwing.

It makes me happy that I don't have to wait until July every year to see great fireworks. Cayman is always looking for an excuse to set off everyone's favorite sparkles.

In fact, just the other night, six of us were relaxing at Governor's Beach after sunset, watching shooting stars, when the quiet evening was interrupted by a series of fireworks set off at the Ritz. They weren't shabby either! Who knows what the occasion was; it just felt like a bonus to be entertained on a random Saturday night.

Last year, we had a visitor during Pirates Week, and I'm glad we did because the week's events showcase the spirit of the island quite nicely. This year, KK's sister JB was visiting. I highly recommend having visitors during Pirates Week, with tons of scheduled events, two sets of fireworks, and November weather that's agreeable to all.

After Friday's fireworks, they also checked out the pirates' landing and parade on Saturday. We attended parade last year, and I found it to be a fun, colorful cultural event. We skipped this year, but you can check out my photos from last year here and see KK's commentary on this year here.

The fireworks grand finales in Grand Cayman are hectic. (Thank you for letting me borrow that word, Great Britain and South Africa.) It's like all plans go out the window, and every possible flare is sent into the sky at once. I'd love, just once, to be down on the ground with the pyrotechnics during the final act. I imagine them just running up and down a long row of sticks of dynamite (you know, the ones from Bugs Bunny cartoons), furiously lighting each fuse with some kind of blazing, fiery torch.

That's probably not at all how it happens. For all I know, a robot lights these things. But I like my cartoon version better.

Anyway, isn't this just nuts?!

After the fireworks last year, we wandered through the vendor stalls and got ourselves a full Caymanian spread for dinner. This year, we had an 11.11.11 party to get to, so I made a bee line for just one stall: Stingray Kisses Donuts.

These tiny donuts almost melt in your mouth, and by the time you realize what just hit you, you're reaching for another one. Firm on the outside, soft in the middle, and warm and sweet throughout. Plus, they're obviously fresh, because they're made as you watch.

We limited ourselves to just one bucket between the five of us, since, as I mentioned before, we had a once-in-a-lifetime party to get to. That's right; 11.11.11 didn't pass unnoticed! An upcoming post will highlight related festivities!

I'll end with a reader question: What is your favorite Pirates Week activity? Did I miss out big time by only showing up for Friday night? Did anyone run the 10k (to Hell and back)? Details!


  1. love the pictures of me and my sis! you had some neat shots!

  2. Great firework pics! I love fireworks! The donuts look yum! :)

  3. Reader Answers:
    1. Fireworks, by far!
    2. In the four Pirates Weeks we've lived her I've never been out on a Pirate's Week Friday night, so don't know much about that.
    3. Most definitely Not.