Cayman Islands Hospital Project

I hope readers will agree with the motto "better late than never" with regards to this next post. I recently obtained the photos from a very special project that our church, Sunrise Community Church, was involved in during the summer. We had the opportunity to partner with Cayman's ARK in providing a fresh look to the Pediatric Ward of the Cayman Islands Hospital.

It breaks my heart to think of any young child having to endure a hospital stay. So many grandparents, parents, and siblings spend a great deal of time visiting children in hospitals, and those of us who have been blessed with good health don't realize the sacrifice that must be. I can't imagine spending a significant portion of my childhood seeing walls like this.

Through the coordination efforts of Cayman's ARK, a group of people from Sunrise set out to make a lasting difference on the children's wing by designing and painting a mural on the bare hospital walls.
[All of the photos in this post were provided to me by T&T, unless otherwise stated.]

Ready, set, paint!

I was impressed with the artistic quality of the design. The artist de jour (in green below) used a mural from a computer print-out (in her left hand below) to sketch the design free-hand on the walls. All that was left for the rest of us to do was basically paint by number.

No ladders required!
My involvement with the project was relatively limited, as I had the sister troupe in town, but all three girls were willing to pitch in, so we helped form the outline of the seascape. 

It's probably good that my contributions were limited. I made the rookie mistake of using an already-wet brush to begin painting and almost butchered a wall with blue drips.

The project took a few days, and progress was evident with each completed sea creature.

No rest for the weary, T! I see an albino eagle ray that needs your help!

Spotted eagle ray, painted from memory.

Two completions!

This is exactly what we divers see.

Outlining and putting on the finishing touches.

Great organizing efforts, T&T!

The hospital was so pleased with the results that they wondered if some matching ceiling tiles could be painted for the exam rooms. PwC stepped up to the challenge, and recently, a small group spent an afternoon drawing and painting the following tiles for the children's wing.

 Photo credit: NS
N used his painting background to contribute to all of these,
and personally designed the turtle in the middle.
A big thank you to all those from Sunrise Community Church and PwC who gave of their time to make this project successful. I hope our efforts mean even just a few more smiles for the kids that pass through those halls.


  1. It turned out great! Wish I could have been there to help.

  2. Dpi has released a statement and would like to have sole credit for all of NNS's sweet skills. ;)

  3. This reminds me of painting your room together--such good memories! I love it!


  4. The DPI days were the best!

    L, do you think we still have the video of us painting??

  5. Great Job Jenn - what a great contribution and beautiful mural!