sunset date at Tiki Beach

On this small island, we find it easy to find friends on hand to grab a quick bite with or go for sunset drinks or spend a couple hours by the pool. I love that. Our sense of community and connection has never been stronger than since moving here. But I also like when, unexpectedly, NS asks me to join him for any of the above. Just me.

Recently, we went for an early light meal at Tiki Beach so that we could enjoy the sunset while sipping on something fruity. Of course, the camera came along for the ride.

One awesome aspect of Tiki Beach is that the views of the sunset are positively spectacular. It's like the sun aligns itself with Tiki's open-air dining room every day at about 5:30 to begin its descent.

Another advantage Tiki has is tons of space for events like large parties (N's Christmas party) and weddings. In fact, a wedding party had taken up the majority of the seating the night of our little date, which meant we didn't have ocean-front views, but it still made for some interesting photos.

Guests enjoy the ambiance of the setting sun as part of their celebratory evening.
What bride wouldn't enjoy chatting with her guests while having front-row seats to an amazing sunset? It makes the whole world glow.

So while the sun did its thing, we sipped on refreshing drinks in pretty glasses.

It's getting to that point of the day where all eyes turn to the west.

See now, I would have requested a forecast with no low-lying clouds.
But they do make every sunset unique.
Despite the wedding party's preeminence on the dining deck, I sneaked up to the water's edge for a few post-sunset shots. Tiki torches seem appropriate at this place.

Also, I have to include a photo of one of the largest yachts I've ever seen - owned by some uber-wealthy Russian oil hedge fund guy. Ah, living in Cayman is so entertaining.

This doesn't constitute a proper restaurant review (since I have no photos of our food),  but if you're curious about food offerings, check out KK's post from our double date last year.  I'll just quickly summarize by saying this: Tiki Beach serves delicious, well-priced food, sunset-worthy drinks, and the location (particularly during the dinner hour) is unrivaled. As my dad would say, "What's not to like?"


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