house guests.13: part 1

We wrapped up our 2011 guest list with two special visitors: N's childhood best friend and his beautiful wife. P&L were excited to see our home and experience our lifestyle in Grand Cayman, and we were thrilled to incorporate them into all of our weekend activities.


First up: Some proper male "hunter/gatherer" bonding time. Lobster season began on December 1st, and N and his buddies were more than willing to show PW the ropes while capturing three spiny friends (and one little orange crab.) 

    photo credit: JS

    photo credit: JS

Whereas I was part of the life-ending procedures the last time NS brought lobster home, I made the boys do the dirty deed outside themselves. (I don't like hearing the final squeals.)


While I put the lobsters on ice for future consumption, the boys cleaned up for a bonfire so that we could introduce P&L to our Cayman "family". Unfortunately, we had chosen the windiest night of the month to build a fire, and even with plenty of encouragement from a bottle of lighter fluid and a deeper-than-normal fire pit, there was no succeeding in those conditions.

photo credit: LW

Our group remained tenacious and resourceful, accomplishing almost the same bonfire results via a modern convenience: The neighborhood gas grill. 

Okay, so maybe this isn't how a caveman would do it, but our golden-brown gooey s'mores tasted just as sweet.

The good thing about fun people is they know how to live it up even when Plan A doesn't work out.

Who would deny that JS (upper left) isn't having the best s'more of his life?
P&L never disappoint when it comes to plenty of laughter and smiles.

What is it with s'mores and silly faces?! I think it's the mega-mallows that WH keeps buying for our fires. I'm going to have to get the mini ones made for hot cocoa if I hope for any lady-like s'more photos.

So far, we've almost always had a "s'more virgin" in our midst during a bonfire, and this time was no exception. British RL went the mega-mallow route (but thought better of it the second time around.)

Another convert!

Christmas party

In our continued effort to socialize our old friends with our new friends, we brought P&L along to N's office Christmas party. Whereas last year's party involved a 1920s theme, this year's event took place at Tiki Beach, with "Resort Chic" as the suggested attire. While dressing up last year was silly and fun (and I even got a framed photo of KK, MO, and me out of the deal), "resort chic" fit our Cayman lifestyle perfectly. Everyone had something cute and comfortable to wear, which contributed to the overall relaxed atmosphere at the party.

I love the photo above; everyone looks great with their tans and gorgeous smiles, but in reality, I found the four of them in deep discussion, looking something like this:

Ok, so maybe JP is the only one posing naturally. I'm pretty sure the other three weren't all simultaneously pointing.

Meanwhile, I found NS at the henna tattoo table, getting a little Mike Tyson-style face art. Or so he thought.

I'm not sure the henna artist fully grasped N's request. Somehow he ended up with flowers and vines rather than...whatever this is.

While N was getting inked, I found old friends and new friends chatting away. I like that.

By the way, N was repeatedly warned that henna tattoos can last for two weeks (which it didn't). I guess that's why KK chose to have her blue, sparkly tattoo drawn on her hand.

Probably most popular of the evening's attractions was the photo booth. The firm hired a photographer from Picture This who came with a whole backdrop and flash/umbrella setup that would accommodate a couple or a crowd. I think it's great when an event provides a professional photographer to capture all those party moments. Mix in a few silly props and costumes, and you have yourself a party that people won't soon forget.

We had to cut out of the party early due to our pre-dawn wakeup schedule for the race. But even with just a brief time at Tiki Beach with the firm employees (and all the "+1's"), the four of us enjoyed the kickoff to the Christmas season.

More post-race visit details to come.


  1. aww, such great pictures! i love these fun captured a bunch of events that i didn't have my camera for. i'll be sure to link up to your blog when i do my catch up post! so glad to have you as such a reliable picture-taking friend! lots of love to you. can't wait to be reunited next week!