Cayman Islands Marathon 2011


The event I've been anticipating for the past twelve months finally occurred in early December: The Cayman Islands Marathon. I can finally check this 2011 goal off my list: I have now completed a half marathon.

While any term with the word "half" in it might not seem significant to some, rest assured that for me, this race was a big deal. Let's review my running history:

  • Before moving to Grand Cayman in October 2010, I rarely ran more than four miles at any one time.
  • Upon arriving on the island, I was in a major running slump and had decided that I hated running.
  • I picked up the sport again when I joined a running clinic in preparation for the 2010 marathon relay.
  • I completed the first leg of the 2010 marathon relay - basically, a 10k - which was the longest race of my life to date. The race was so enjoyable that I decided then and there that I needed to run the half in 2011.
  • During the winter, I maintained a base level of running, and participated in the Cross Island Relay and the PwC National Trust 5k.
  • I started my half marathon training in August, but had a few hiccups in keeping to the schedule due to vacation, a tv shoot, and a mid-run injury to my running partner (ahem, NS).
  • My latest race was the Pirates Week 5k, which went super well, but hardly qualifies as a training run for a half marathon.

My point is that my running record isn't much to write home about, and a half marathon seems like an unlikely result from the above.

So, you might say I'm pretty satisfied that I've run the half and put it behind me.

Anyway, on to the race-day events.

  • 3:00 a.m. wake-up, concluding four hours of sleep (despite plans to the contrary). All four of us (including the subject matter of a future post entitled "house guests.13") were out the door by 4:00.
  • Much anticipation in the air at the starting line. Some had energy to spare (DH); others were just willing their eyes to stay open (NS).

athlete photo

  • 5:00 a.m. start. Super dark. Twinkly stars. Few cars. Cool air. Not cool enough.
  • Water stations at each mile marker, every station more energetic than the last. Our life blood.
  • The first half the race: A blast. Saw a bunch of friends. Ran with LW now and again. Played "What Song Am I Listening To?" with SM. Stuck with my run/walk regime.
  • Saw NS and PW right before my turnaround (and immediately after theirs.) Quick high five.

athlete photo

  • Felt like a champ through the turnaround, especially since DH was on the sidelines cheering me along. Seriously buddy, you did me a solid.
  • Almost talked myself into running stupid-long races on a regular basis. 
  • Then hit mile 7.
  • Miles 7-10: A bit annoying. Not awful, but no longer fun.
  • Mile 10.1: New territory. Suddenly, the race was painful. Decided walking during this period would do more harm than good.
  • LW passed me in this stretch. (Didn't know she was behind me?!) Decided to stay on her heels, just for pacing purposes. Only briefly walked through one water stop.
  • My music playlist suddenly became more important than ever. Thank you, Top 40 hit list, for giving me the chance to fist-pump at Mile 11.
  • Entered the center of George Town alongside LW. Couldn't go any faster. Didn't even want to.
  • Finished the race with at 2:06! 

athlete photoathlete photoathlete photo

  • Better time than expected. Just two minutes behind NS; just three minutes ahead of PW. Good show!

   athlete photo
                              Photo credit:
                                                                         Cayman Islands Marathon Facebook page
  • The rest of the day = rest, recovery, brunch. More evidence to come.
Our fastest runner took the longest to recover, but still made it to brunch.
In other news, if you're wondering if those are the remnants of a henna tattoo on the right side of his face... 

you would be right. That'll require another post.

Proud and pretty.

Stretching tent. Favorite part of the race.

Look who's smiling now!

Thank God it's over.


  1. Wow. You are truly amazing. Love the look on Nate's face after the race - he looks whooped. You GO, Jenn! :)

  2. Hectic!! Well Done to both of you!!