Holiday Review: Thanksgiving 2011.1

As an American living outside the U.S., the fact that Thanksgiving is on a Thursday every year is a bit inconvenient. It's not like we get off work for this holiday in Grand Cayman (despite our observance of almost every other holiday known to man.) But the importance of Thanksgiving and our collective love of this American holiday prompts us to celebrate in spite of roadblocks. In fact, we celebrate twice.

Last year, housemates DB and WH hosted a huge Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. We all thought they did such a great job that when they offered to host again (okay, so we repeatedly asked them to host until they caved), we were delighted to accept.

You're right; it does not take two grown men to carve a ham. I asked them to pose.
While we waited on final food prep, we caught the football game and caught up with friends.

Because that's what you do on Thanksgiving, regardless of where you're celebrating.

JS, one of our fortunate work-from-home friends, offered to prepare an enormous turkey. I think it was the best turkey I've ever had.

Whereas last year, we were still somewhat new to the island on Thanksgiving and were still getting to know everyone in the group, this year felt more friendly and relaxed.

But not so relaxed that people forgot their manners. The guys let the ladies go first.

What a well-trained group!

Fortunately, we ran little risk of running out of food.

In addition to the standard turkey, stuffing, a (square) apple pie, and sweet potato casserole, we enjoyed a ham, a delicious walnut/cranberry salad, and Thanksgiving-themed cupcakes.

This resulted in lots of full bellies and big smiles.

First-time Thanksgivingers!

The holidays can be so steeped in tradition, that it can be easy to get a bit homesick for family and all things familiar. But I've found that living in Grand Cayman hasn't prevented me from celebrating and enjoying the holidays in almost the exact same manner as in the past. I'm thankful for all the friends that are my fill-in family while living away from home.

Happy Holidays!


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