volleyball league

As you can imagine, beach volleyball is a popular activity on this island. Although it's probably easy to find pick-up games nearly every day of the week, NS and SD are both part of a 4-on-4 volleyball league that allows for three hours of official league play every Sunday afternoon. One week, when three regular teammates couldn't make it, JS and BK filled in to keep the team alive. I figured with that many friends on the court, it was probably a good week to show up with the camera. (I also enjoyed keeping KK company under the protection of the beach pavilions; you can see her post and photos here.)

And now: For the action shots.

SD bumps it to her guy.

NS dives for one. He dives for most of them,
resulting in his weekly pillar-of-sand look.
When shooting sports, you just never know what is about to happen, so I tend to over-shoot, if only to get a few nice mid-air moments. Fortunately, there were plenty of good poses to capture with this team.


Tipping it over.

Sometimes the situation just calls for a slam.

And like good teammates will do, after a noteworthy play, there were always a few high-fives on the court.

But lest you start to think every play was high-five-worthy, here is a small sampling of the less-than-stellar moments.

No reason to delete these photos; they're just as entertaining as all the others!
(click the image for enlarged version)

After a bit, I switched myself to the other side of the court, since it's a shame not to capture the world-class view in the background.

SD hustling at the net

Is this a Matrix pose??
another from the Matrix!

Lots of great lines and angles in this pose

He's on his way down....!
 And, because I'm still having fun with Picasa's latest post-processing tools, here's a shot of BK at the net, with some HDR-ish effects added.

With this next shot, I used the Cross Process tool for a more silhouetted effect.

And when nothing else picture-worthy is taking place, it can't hurt to throw in a little high five. I'll photograph that any day.

Well done, all!