restaurant review: Morgan's Harbour

Several weeks ago, a few of us had dinner at Morgan's Harbour in West Bay. An unofficial restaurant review might mean little to the community at large, but since I took photos and all that, I figured I'd write up something short.

Firstly, we made dinner reservations for six people, but upon arriving, we found that the restaurant was hopping, and we had to wait a bit for our table. Not a big deal, but I thought it was a somewhat unusual to wait a while when we thought we had a table reserved. The main consequence was we were more than ready for something solid once we were seated.

But, as we soon found, solid food was a bit hard to come by. Morgan's Harbour doesn't provide the typical bread basket for the middle of the table. We didn't realize this, and after waiting for it for about 15 minutes, we learned that bread is a la carte. Bummer.

The service that night felt discombobulated. We had two or three different people asking us the same questions: ("Would you like to see the wine list?" "Are you ready to order?" "Can I get you anything else to drink?") Normally, I'm a huge fan of extra wait staff attention, but I was very concerned that no one was sure which waiter we actually belonged with!

One of the main reasons Morgan's Harbor was chosen that evening was because JS raved about their jerk burger, and four out of the six of us planned to order it. So when it came time to order, NS started the group off by ordering...the jerk burger.

Besides 10oz of beef, this also involves caramelized onions and brie.

BK was next to place his request, and he also ordered...the jerk burger. But the server quickly noted that they only had one left, and of course, NS had ordered it! Shame! Disappointed faces all around! (Not for me, though. I can't handle the spiciness of jerk.)

I think the wait staff could tell we were getting more and more disgruntled by the second (we kept wondering how they could be sure that a second server wasn't also giving away that one last jerk burger at the same time!), so while we waited for our food, they did bring out a small basket of complimentary bread, which helped to smooth things over a tad.

JS ended up with chicken schnitzel. I got to eat the cranberries.

 I ordered a seafood crepe.

Warm, cheesy goodness. The fact that there's seafood inside is just the cherry on top!

And of course, NS got his jerk burger. Lucky, lucky guy.

Overall verdict for Morgan's Harbour:

Pros: The food is actually pretty darn good, and they have a great eastern-facing location right on the water, which I think would be ideal for lunch.

Cons: When the restaurant gets busy, the service is harried and popular food choices might be limited in quantity.

Overall: I'd be interested in trying Morgan's Harbour for a mid-day meal, like when kiting at Barkers for the day.

One point of interest (unrelated to the review): We couldn't let our evening's menu go down without a fight, so back at our place we whipped up a little dessert I found on Pinterest. You just take Pillsbury crescent rolls, wrap half of a Reece's Peanut Butter cup in the dough as you're rolling it, pinch the ends closed, and bake according to package directions. Not fussy, and totally scrumptious: 

Add a dusting of powdered sugar for curb appeal; however, what's on the inside doesn't need any help.

Just one last note regarding this restaurant review: We had visited once before and were pleased with the food and location, so I open it up to the readership - leave a comment about any experiences you've had at Morgan's Harbour. I'd love to hear some other opinion, which could quite possibly lead to a better experience next time we visit!


  1. very well written restaurant review - honest and fair!

  2. Morgan's does seafood right. They only serve a dish if it's available locally. Tuna Sashimi and Cracked Conch (when in season) are a must. Love the atmosphere, love the view, love the food. It's been my favorite place on the island for years.

    1. Good to know! I've heard others talk up Morgan's Harbour, so it's definitely worth repeat visits!

  3. It seems that Morgan’s Harbour would be the place to have the delicious bites of food I love. Your photographs tell a lot about this place. Could you please tell me more about Cayman bars?