restaurant review: The Brasserie

A recent date night found us at The Brasserie in George Town - a frequent favorite for many, but a first-time experience for me.

Hearing live guitar music as soon as I entered was quite a nice way to end my Thursday and begin my pre-weekend. [That's what Thursday night is for me: My almost-Friday. And Friday is jeans day at work. And we all (should) know what comes after Friday.]

These three chatted while I snapped away, taking in the whole ambiance.

So. Onto the tasty stuff.

Calamari to start. A favorite of N's.

Hummus and baba ganoush with pita to start. A favorite of mine.
I was more than pleased with our appetizers, and our server was warm and attentive. Dinner was off to a good start.

Entree selections were all delicious:

I almost always choose freshly-caught fish. On this island, it's certain to be a winning choice.

I think MO ordered some kind of rib entree,
but I'm all about those couscous with scallions and golden raisins on the side!

Angus Kansas City steak with crispy cassava
While all of the Brasserie's offerings look tempting and probably taste delicious, one unique thing worth mentioning is that the restaurant grows its own vegetables in a garden just out back. They also make every effort to use locally-grown and -raised food, and as I said before, many of their seafood selections are freshly caught in local waters.

I have to apologize that I have few words to add to this post, but consider this equivalent to how people behave when they're eating a delicious meal: The room gets quiet as everyone turns their primary attention to enjoying their food.

Here's my closing summary:

Pros: Warm atmosphere, incredibly fresh offerings, and a lovely drink menu to accompany the meal. Also quite conveniently located for professionals in George Town searching for a classy lunch option at the Brasserie's Market.

Cons: I've heard mixed reviews about the service quality, but as I mentioned, our server was terrific.

Overall: I hope to have an excuse to return soon, especially with so many tempting specialties to sample on the restaurant's calendar, like Brasserie BBQ Tuesdays or Pizza 'n' Pinot Fridays. Mouth = watering!


  1. Such a fab TNDC night - I feel I need to add the fact that we had delicious fruity margaritas when we sat down, all wine is half price on a Thursday AND they served us a delicious amuse bouche between courses! :)

  2. wow!! this is definitely on our list for when we come back. sounds wonderful! i love that they have a garden :)

    1. ab, you would love it! we'll add it to the list. xoxo