Humane Society Kickball Tournament 2012

Recently, NS and I had the chance to help the Cayman Islands Humane Society by doing something we probably haven't done since middle school: Play in a fundraising kickball tournament. My firm organized a team, and NS was happy to join when they needed extra players.

My favorite part of the day was trying to explain kickball to a bunch of non-Americans.

Us: "It's a lot like baseball."

Them: "How do you play baseball?"


They caught on.

You'd think a charity sporting event would be pretty laid-back and casual, but we actually had to keep an official roster and stick to our kicking line-up and everything. We knew just the person for the job.

EW kept us in line.

Despite a few unnecessary scuffles with the refs (as well as with one very loud-mouthed member of an opposing team), I think everyone had some fun. I mean, how often do you get to play with a big, bouncy ball once you're over the age of 25?

homestar runner

good jorb
And at the end of the day, we were all glad to do what we could for the benefit of the puppies.

This team took second in the tournament. had a write-up that included quotes from us both, and the printed version (below) even had photos.

Kickers boost up Humane Society

See all the photos I took of the event here.

Well done, fellow CPAs!


  1. Went searching for your blog after seeing your HHI episode tonight. Fellow Pennsylvanian here; all your great stories and pictures make me want to move there tomorrow!

    1. We love it here! The show accurately depicts how beautiful and fun the island really is. I'm so happy to be living here!

  2. Love the pic of you and Nate and your caption "Good jorb!" Haha. ;)