photo shoot: Christmas edition

I just read a blog post written by my dear, dear friend AJD, and it included photos from a tiny photo shoot we did with their family of three back during the Christmas holiday. Don't you just love the photo collage she made of them releasing a paper lantern, much to the wonder and awe of Baby R?

R does a little backbend to keep an eye
on that glowing lantern!

Check out the full post here. I miss these faces!


  1. haha, i was just wondering today if i should put up a little blog post with the "photo shoot" i did at christmas. still not caught up on normal life though, so we'll see...

  2. Do it! Good photos are never stale!

  3. Christmas pics are always fresh!!! I loved it so much and we miss you too! Thanks again for taking these for us :) xoxo!!