restaurant review: Luca

Warning: For the non-foodies, this is primarily a food post. Check back soon for something less appetizing!

After living in Grand Cayman for over a year and having seemingly endless opportunities to try new restaurants on a regular basis (what with a constant stream of guests and a full-ish social calendar), I'm surprised to be able to write that it took us this long to try out Luca for a dinner date. Of course, we'd been to Luca for my office Christmas party last year, and we'd enjoyed a brunch that would make a cruise chef blush, but a proper sit-down, look-at-a-menu, I'll-have-the-fresh-catch dinner? This we had not made time for.

Good thing for us, Luca is one of R&M's favorites, especially since it's within a beach-walk's distance from their place. The four of us walked to dinner one night recently for MO's birthday, meeting B&K for a triple date.

R&M are almost regulars at Luca and know the best items to order, but I still had to take a full perusal, which resulting in ordering more than one thing to satisfy my curiosity. Along with a plate of delicious sea bass with all the mouth-watering trimmings (below), I asked for a "side" of pumpkin ravioli (which is normally an entree.) Amazing!

RL got the rack of lamb - a selection I never consider, but always comes out looking enticing.

NS selected the grilled yellowfin tuna, and chose mashed cauliflower for a side. I find that mashed cauliflower is such an agreeable way to consume a vegetable. And who can argue with a proper tuna steak, topped with kalamata olives, capers, and cherry tomatoes? I pity the fool.

In the midst of all this consumption, I discovered something about triple dates: There's plenty of time for me to snap some candid photos while girlfriends chat away.

Looks like everyone had the chance to get a word in edgewise.

Two of my favorites!

As I mentioned, the month of January means M's birthday, so we couldn't leave without ordering dessert. After much debate (and some help from R&M's favorite waiter), we ordered warm chocolate molten cake with marinated oranges...

Luca's kitchen didn't overlook dinner's primary purpose: Birthday!

...and vanilla creme brulee (honestly, you can't go wrong ordering this classic)...

...and (purely on Luca's recommendation), banana and bacon mousse.

Not the greatest picture ever taken, but had to prove this is real!
The banana/bacon combo was surprisingly crowd-pleasing!

Just before we ditched our shoes again to make the short seaside trek home, Luca provided us with parting nibbles - like after-dinner mints, but more interesting.

Our verdict for Luca:

Pros: Delicious, interesting food; top-notch service, ideal waterfront location.

Cons: Pricey.

Overall: I should never have waited this long to go.