Valentine's picnic

It gave me a chuckle when I went back and read last year's Valentine's Day post, realizing that I was in the same blogging position last February 14th as I am this year: Choosing to write about relevant holidays over the seemingly more appropriate method of posting chronologically. In other words, Valentine's Day is pretty much over and done with, so I sorta want to share the few photos I took this week before moving on to the big and exciting Little Cayman weekender post (which was a full month ago). Just pretend you're time traveling. It's fun.

Speaking of last year, our little picnic rendezvous on the beach worked so well with our only-somewhat-flexible work schedules that we went for a repeat. 

We met just in time for sunset. The sun didn't actually show up...

...but the sky was still interesting and peaceful and somber, nonetheless. To be honest, I was a bit too busy cooing over my V-day gift: A Breakfast at Tiffany's official 50th anniversary book, which I had been guilty of drooling over leafing through in Books & Books recently.

I love that he listens to my silly obsessions.
I also love that he likes sushi as much as I do. He picked up a few rolls from Yoshi along with some classic edamame to share.

Hurricane Roll - I adore cream cheese.

Orange caviar - yum.

Meanwhile, the sky put on a decent display, especially considering the cloud cover.

I will always be entranced by a sunset. No two are alike; I just want to see as many as possible; I wish I could have a photo of every single one.

We enjoyed one more delicacy before vacating our sandy dinner table. I can't expect NS to plan dinner and not get something chocolate out of the deal. He picked up two chocolate-covered strawberries from Treats (in the "pink" plaza) - dark chocolate for me and milk chocolate for him. Just enough sugar to satisfy, but not enough to induce guilt.

No words needed. He's the best. The end.


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