Superbowl Party

I really love awards season. The Grammys were a couple weeks ago, with Adele earning an appropriate amount of award love. The Oscars are this Sunday, and I plan to analyze and critique every gown. But for the less artistically-inclined, I can't forget to share some photos from the Superbowl party we hosted last month.

Unfortunately, the Eagles were not in the big game this year. Shame. The only good thing about that is I didn't have to stick to a themed menu. We enjoyed finger foods of all kinds, including...

Caprese skewers

sweet and tangy meatballs

jars of multi-colored Skittles

...not to mention pulled pork sliders, pineapple skewers garnished with mint, and a couple varieties of doctored-up brownies. Thank goodness I didn't have to make everything myself! Our group of friends is quite used to the "bring a dish to share" concept.

We had just enough room for everyone to sit in one room and watch the game, which was fortunate because everyone was actually interested in the game. And the commercials.

Group shots
I liked the party's vibe: Just enough chatter to keep people engaged, but never too much noise to drown out the all-important game. And the commercials.

Single shots

I'll close with two final shots:

First, my favorite photo of the night.

WH cracking up while munching on...toothpicks?!
 Second, my least favorite photo of the night:

N's ugly turf-burn after playing in a charity kickball tournament.
But that's a story for another day. Or month.

So, now that proper homage has been given to the ultimate American sporting event of the year, we can move on to the red carpet. (Or in my case, the maroon towel.)  Now, to dig a little black dress out of the closest...


  1. Looks like a total blast! Definitely a great way to enjoy the Superbowl! :D The food looks amazing btw!