brunch at Luca

Brunch is a big deal in Grand Cayman. Every weekend, several of the nicer restaurants on the island host Sunday brunch, which is a nice way to see friends over a slow meal while eating beautifully-presented, delicious food after church. Probably most famous is the Ritz' brunch, but not far behind is that of Luca. This is where we found ourselves a couple weeks ago with R&M, C&R, their UK visitor JB, and the rest of the crew.

Eating outdoors with this view puts me in a weekend state of mind.

Luca offers some of the traditional brunch fare: Fruit, eggs [several ways, including Benedict (you would have loved, LEK)], breads, bacon, sausage, etc., etc.

But since brunch doesn't get started until almost noon, it makes sense that they also serve non-breakfast food. Like a pasta bar.

And gourmet sandwiches.

And so many kinds of fresh fish.

This was someone's "meat course" plate.

And just look at this lovely array of fruits and cheeses.

Brunch can easily be a three hour event. With so many different foods to sample, we all tried to pace ourselves between plates number one and three. Or number four.

Speaking of plate four, dessert is an important note to end on.

Luca has a whole table displayed with exquisite offerings, making it very hard to choose. Fortunately, most portions are practically bite-sized, so it's okay to select a few, if you can find the stomach space.

I really loved the tiramisu pictured in the multi-colored bowls.

The creme brulee (foreground) was also very nice.

We enjoyed our first Cayman brunch experience, and I'm sure it won't be our last.