new page!

Firstly: A quick apology for the lack of blog posts lately. I plan to cover our latest house guest in the next post, and you'll be interested to see what makes this guest different from the rest. We are just hours away from our next set of guests - I guess everyone needs to squeeze in a bit of Caribbean time before hurricane season scares away the masses for weeks on end. (Speaking of which, the season's first hurricane, Hurricane Irene, is giving the Bahamas quite the fright; meanwhile, we appear to be out of harm's way. Phew!) So here's to more frequent posts in the coming days.

In the meantime, you can entertain yourself with our new page: Make the Move. We've designed this page for new Cayman expatriates, and we hope you'll find the links and experiences we share to be helpful. For those of you who have already made the move to the Cayman Islands and feel that newbies will need additional information, please comment this post and let your voices be heard! We aim to please.

And now, because photo-less posts get no love, here is a shot of what we've been up to recently: Night diving! (Or in the case of the photo below: Night snorkeling)

No, this is not a shot from a "Turn on Your Heartlight" music video. The photo above was taken from the patio of D&A's new place on the south end of George Town. NS and DH were seeking out the nocturnal sea life with their uber-bright waterproof flashlights. What might seem creepy is actually a great way to find a whole host of sea critters. Sound interesting? Check out the posts on diving in Grand Cayman. Get down there!

But before that, check out the new page. More detailed posts are on their way!


  1. that new page is super helpful! this is exactly what i needed a year ago. good job!