hurricane irene

To put everyone's mind at ease (I'm assuming you all were concerned; I could be wrong), Hurricane Irene was barely a blip on the radar here in Grand Cayman. While the first hurricane of the 2011 season proved to be quite a nightmare for much of the U.S.' east coast, it thankfully bypassed our western Caribbean island, and we spent the weekend trying to stay cool in the blazing heat amid an air conditioning breakdown, actually thankful for any passing shower.

I do realize, however, that many of our readers experienced torrential rain, at best, and power outages and flooding, at worst. (I hope this is the worst, anyway.) I've been trying to stay on top of the affected areas, knowing that the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area is home to many of our friends and family. However, I'm always a bit suspicious of mainstream media coverage. Are they showing me the whole story? Are they over-dramatizing the storm's effects? Did certain areas weather the storm in a better-than-expected fashion? So I was glad to see this reporter's coverage of Hurricane Irene from Doylestown, PA. Surely, a five-year-old would give a fair and true account:

She's brilliant. I hope this is the launch of a very successful meteorology career for Jane; heaven knows her predictions (particularly in the following links) are at least as accurate as those of any seasoned weather man.

Jane's earlier reports are here:

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is TOO cute! Thanks for sharing!