home again

We've just returned to Cayman after a few days at home in the States. And by "a few", I mean the ten fastest days of my life.

Rose Valley Lake. 

Couldn't get this puppy out of the water.

My new definition of home is the place where I feel like I never left.

But before I share some of my favorite local sights from the trip, here's a quick shot of the reason we traveled home for July 30th:

That's my little bro. Married. Welcome to the fam, K!
Wedding blooms
"All dressed up, and no place to go."
Waiting for the reception to start, enjoying my view of the Susquehanna River in Watsontown, PA.

 Other favorites:

Weekly Growers Market with L.

Photo credit: LEK

And the market experience isn't complete without a savory breakfast crepe from Simply Mediterranean:

I enjoyed a bit of exploring with these ladies (and our photographer, NS):

Yes, the middle one just got out of the lake.

You may notice that the skies were cloudy at least once or twice. It didn't bother me a bit; I was happy to escape the intensive Cayman heat.

We spent an evening riding (and eating) our way through the best family-friendly amusement park ever.

Knoebels Grove = Nostalgia
 And since I'm a sucker for sunsets, I loved the PA sunset behind the pines.

No photo editing software needed.

Finally, a day trip to New York wrapped up our visit. I took these photos from the High Line.

Well. It's good to be back in Cayman. Back to the crystal blue waters and palm trees and iguanas and island culture. But none of that replaces these faces.

With them, I'm home.


  1. loved seeing pictures of your family and trip home. PA sure is pretty! you are so speedy to get out this post only days after your return!

  2. Love the last pic - the Parks family to a T! :)