public holiday-ish

This week Grand Cayman had a public holiday in the observance of Ash Wednesday. Public holidays here mean that most businesses are closed - certainly banks, schools, many offices, and some restaurants. Technically, accounting firms close too, but that didn't stop many accountants from working. Since this holiday falls during the thick of busy season (with the popular March 31st deadline around the corner), many of us expected to put in a full day's work. As my firm allows us to bank time worked on a public holiday to use later, I wasn't too bothered with the prospect of being in the office. (Besides, I seem to be accumulating vacation plans and overseas flight reservations like they're going out of style, so I need all the extra holiday time I can get.)

So I headed into work on Wednesday like it was a normal work day. But I should have known. It wasn't a normal work day. I was the only person dressed in business casual. Although I was more on the casual side of business casual, I couldn't compete with my co-workers' shorts and flip flops. Oops!

The office wasn't as full as I expected, which was kind of refreshing. Part of the reason was the annual CISPA pool tournament was the night before, and it had turned into a late night for some. But it also seemed like some people were genuinely out of the office enjoying their holiday. And why shouldn't they? Just because I had forgotten that the U.S. had any holidays from January 1st through April 30th doesn't mean accountants should ignore them world-wide. I was quite happy to see a mix of real work and casual attitudes in the office. Who's not happier than when wearing flip-flops, eating homemade chocolate chip cookies (thanks to some extras I brought in from NS' latest batch), and keeping one's hours for the day under the standard ten or more? Needless to say, I couldn't shake the holiday spirit, and by late afternoon, I fell victim to the persistent sunshine and went home to finish out my work day. After a quick half hour by the pool, I felt revived enough to put in a couple more hours with my laptop on my kitchen counter, watching NS prepare dinner.

When NS realized that Wednesday was a holiday and he'd be working from home, he offered to make one of his all-time favorite Italian recipes and host B&K for dinner. KK has proved to be a most gracious friend, inviting NS and I over on a regular basis for what has now become a traditional "family" dinner night right in the middle of the week. During busy season, I cook on a very limited basis, and almost never during the work week. Sitting down for a real dinner - the kind where you pray before you eat, you're not in front of a laptop, and you chat about your day - is truly a luxury that I've never had during busy season. I am so thankful for friends that are looking out for us! It's been beyond a blessing.

So getting back to my original point: We've been eager to return the favor, and Ash Wednesday was the perfect opportunity. I photographed while the boy rustled up some pasta, breaded chicken, and a famous-secret-recipe white sauce:

We didn't even need dessert. I wish there were no such thing as calories, because I would eat this every day.

Can you tell we're not Catholic? I'm not sure this meal would fly...

After such a relaxing day, going into work on Thursday felt like a Monday. But it wasn't a Monday - what a bonus!

I'm thankful for public holidays. I'm thankful for friends to spend them with. I'm thankful for a husband who cooks and bakes (and is grocery shopping for me at this very moment.) And I'm thankful for weeks like this that give my energy a jump start in the middle of a long season.


  1. Great post - so timely! And that dinner was A-MAZ-ING! I wish there was no such thing as calories too...maybe in heaven...