murder mystery party

This island is full of new experiences. Kitesurfing. Sunny winters. More friends from South Africa than from the States. Cooking my own holiday meals. So when J&S told us they were hosting a Murder Mystery party, we just added it to our list of firsts and jumped right in!

For those of you who haven't experienced this type of party, basically the host buys a specific Murder Mystery game, which includes scripts for all the players. The characters/guests dress up, assume accents, and follow their given scripts while trying to solve the murder mystery. (For an example, here's a clip of The Office in the episode when there was "a murder in Savannah.")

Although acting does not come naturally for NS nor myself, like I said, this island has lent itself to new experiences, so we eagerly adopted our roles of Clair Voyant and Father Alfredo - two different sorts of spiritual advisors.

Thanks, LB, for outfitting me for this role!
And a shout out to MT for a great deal of blue eyeshadow!
J&S outfitted their place nicely as a backdrop for the crime scene.

We were transported to Little Italy, mainly through the use of a red table cloth, lots of candles, and a Dean Martin soundtrack. 


The other suspects started showing up soon after we did...

Marco Roni, son of the deceased

Mama Rosa, the well-fed widow
On the right we have Angel Roni (daughter) and Bo Jalais (business manager)
The evening's hosts became Tara Misu and Rocco Scarfazzi (victim's brother):

You guys have chemistry
Soon we were studying our scripts while dinner was prepared.

Speaking of dinner, JS prepared a traditional, delicious Italian fare: Chicken Parmesan, Pesto Pasta, and Italian sodas.

What is with me and posting about Italian food lately? It just makes me hungry...
Dessert in a glass
Then we ate and defended ourselves. As it turns out, everyone had motive and opportunity.

As you can see from these seasoned actors, it was starting to get very confusing (for me).

photo credit: KK
These faces! How can you trust any of them? My favorites:
Mama Rosa's, sadness
Bo Jalais' clown-like shock
Fortunately, everyone was saved from the embarrassment of the wrong guess by an overeager DVD narrator who sorta spilled the beans before our final statements. Phew! Pressure off.

Obviously, we all enjoyed ourselves (even the murderer, who is rumored to still be at large.) A special thanks to J&S for hosting, cooking, and acting (with Italian accents to boot!) Well done!


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