beach volleyball finals

NS has been quite keen for me to write a post on all the various sports he's been involved in since moving to Grand Cayman. Let me tell you, that would be one long, photo-laden post. So I'm stalling by posting about his sports one at a time (see kitesurfing label). It'll probably take me a couple years to get his extracurriculars fully documented. He's living the dream.

Recently he played in a beach volleyball league - an all-season sport in this part of the world. After teams self-formed (including at least one girl on each team), they placed themselves in one of the four tiers - AA, A, B, or C ("AA" being the highest in skill). Every Sunday afternoon, they played all the teams in their tier. The winner of the tier would move up a level, and the bottom team would move down. Easy enough, and it made for a few hours of good play.

That's our girl, LA!

A few weeks ago was the championship day, and (for the first time), I showed up with a camera. (I'm ashamed that it took me eight weeks to do this; but honestly, if I devoted all my time to watching, photographing, and blogging about his many sports, I'd have to quit my full-time job to keep up. Tempting, but it doesn't pay well.)

As per our normal weather pattern this time of year, the skies boasted few clouds and plentiful sunshine. I was all too ready to cheer for the team from my reclining position on the beach.

Shout out to our second girl, KD!

I took a few shots from this vantage point before I started feeling just a titch lazy, so I circled the court for some better views.

Atta boy. DIVE.
Some of my favorite shots were when the boys were in the air. Between NS' height and SM's hops, there was no shortage of mid-air poses.

Scaring off the competition.

Before long, the tournament was over, and we hopped in my little island car to our next activity - a poolside bbq with friends - the perfect way to unwind and chill out before starting another work week. I never dreamed that we could play beach volleyball and spend an evening barbecuing in the thick of busy season, but hey, when in Rome...

You'll hear no arguments from me.


  1. good job with getting the blog posts out! that must feel good!