The day of our first boat dive, we were on our way home from Governor's Harbour and noticed a great deal of vehicle activity in and around the Cost-U-Less / Governor's Square neighborhood. Barring a huge sale at CUL, this didn't seem like normal traffic, and we were puzzled and curious. NS parked the car and we got out to browse what we can to find was.... Art@Governors! It's an annual art festival held right on the governor's lawn, along with artists in Governor's Square selling their wares. As we had just gotten off a boat, I didn't have my camera, so here are a couple shots I stole from KK:

Artists have set up their displays on the governor's lawn for everyone to enjoy. 
I spy another Canon...
I love this shot she captured of the children's art appreciation (complete with lollipop!)

The photos capture the spirit of the day: A colorful, family-friendly, upbeat event, which was probably just what I needed after my somewhat-upsetting dive.

In the Governor's Square section, I found myself admiring a set of freshwater pearls, and NS was quick to encourage me to buy. For $35, I think I got a great deal!

Supporting local Cayman artists and getting my first set of pearls seems like a winning combo to me!

BK got his girl a necklace made out of a coin - how appropriate that it has a turtle on it!

    photo credit: KK
I think that might be BK in that blurry background...

Art@Governors 2011 proved to be a worthwhile event, and I definitely look forward to next year's festival.


  1. Aww, Jenn, I love your pearls! They complement your already elegant self! Thanks for sharing these pics!

  2. Love the fresh water pearls (so classy) and I would have to say, you got a steal!